Swiss Cyber Security Days

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En tant que Sponsor des Swiss Cyber Security Days, eb-Qual se réjouit de vous accueillir sur son stand le 27 et 28 février et vous invite à sa conférence qui aura lieu le:


Mercredi 27 Février

Horaire : 16h45 - 17h15

Track C


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Notre conférence accueillera pour cette occasion nos deux partenaires:


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The Ins and Outs of insider Threats (EN)

Speaker: Dean Hickman-Smith , SVP of WW Field Operations

Description: Insider threats are among the leading causes of breaches. As they involve the usage of legitimate corporate credentials to access enterprise resources (AWS, Office 365, Salesforce, and others like them), they are inherently quite challenging to detect. What is an enterprise to do? What are current trends in 2019 in the CASB market

Biographie: Dean Hickman-Smith brings more than 20 years of global executive sales leadership experience to Bitglass. Prior to joining the company he built a global network of strategic OEM & integration partners and a worldwide field operations team that served more than 15,000 customers. Prior to joining Bitglass, Dean held roles at VArmour, Aerohive Networks, Proofpoint, and Juniper Networks. Dean attended Bristol Polytechnic and RAF College Cranwell.


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SIEM Modernization – The smarter way to run your SIEM

Speaker: Peter Haeufel, Channel Manager DACH, CEE & Southern Europe

Description: Legacy SIEM solution do have two downsides: The license model and the manpower you need to run it. The smarter Exabeam solutions relies on modern technologies like machine learning and data science to get far better results with far less manpower. “Too good to be true” is only one customer statement for Exabeam’s modern SIEM solution. Customers can either use Exabeam on top of their existing legacy SIEM solution with no project risk or can use the complete suite to run Exabeam as a full blown SIEM solution. During the presentation you will see an online demo and immediately understand how a modern SIEM should look like.

Biographie: Peter Häufel is the Channel Director of Exabeam for Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. He started his career as a scientist for pattern recognition working for a military agency. After three years as a security and network consultant he joined a security company Internet Security Systems as channel manager. In 2006 ISS was acquired by IBM where he was responsible to build up the security partners in Germany with a team lead of the DACH team. He was also spokesperson for IBM Security in Germany. Since 2018 he is now responsible for the Channel at Exabeam mainly in the DACH region.


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