Webinar - Emotet - Behind the Scenes -28 Avril -10:00

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Participez à notre Webinaire sur les Emotets en partenariat avec Proofpoint:


Webinaire Proofpoint: Emotet - Look behind the Scenes

Date & Time: 28th April 2020     10 AM - 11 AM

presented by Markus Grüneberg, Senior Evangelist, Proofpoint


EMOTET - This malicious code spreads massive amounts of damage to consumers and companies worldwide via email.

In this webinar Proofpoint leads through the history of the different versions of EMOTET, shows how the damage spreads, describes experiences of Proofpoint customers and illuminates sensible strategies for combating these and similar attacks.



10:00-10:35: The evolution of Emotet (Looking behind the Scenes)

10:35-11.45:  How to protect in the Age of Emotet and similar Attacks

10:45-11:00:  Open Q&A

English version only