Webinar Infoblox - 18 Juin - 10:00

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Empower and secure your Cloud Apps – also from your home-office

Date & Heures: 18 Juin 2020 - 10:00 - 11:00

présenté par Geriet Wendler, Senior Systems Engineer, Infoblox


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La présentation est en anglais


The increasing use of SAAS applications is nothing new and this topic is probably part of your daily concerns: Salesforce, O365, Google Apps... But there are still ways to further enhance their efficiency and the related user experience. Same goes also for your own internal applications that your users access from remote locations.

What do all these applications have in common? Well, among other things, there is DNS.

DNS is one of the most used protocols in the world, and is part of the foundation of all networks, including the Internet. Trillions of DNS queries are done every second to make the world rolling.

Let’s join us to discover how you can leverage this power for your applications.


In this webcast we will speak about:

  • How do DNS Geo-location and latency impact your applications?
  • Ever heard about SASE ? What about it in this context?
  • What about multi-cloud? Any issue with that for the DNS?
  • Could you leverage DNS for security?