Webinar Infoblox - 2 juillet - 10:00

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Security gaps due to DNS privacy (DoT / DoH)

How security managers in companies meet the new challenges

Date & Heure: 2. Juillet 2020 - 10:00 - 11:00

présenté par Geriet Wendler, Senior Systems Engineer, Infoblox


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La présentation est en anglais


The use of the new DNS over HTTPS (DoH) / DNS over TLS (DoT) protocol is becoming increasingly important. And although it offers protection in many scenarios, it also brings some serious disadvantages in the corporate environment.

One of the biggest problems is that your company's IT security architecture can be bypassed, leaving your end users vulnerable to cyber threats that lurk in unmonitored DNS traffic.

Attend the webinar and learn how to maintain corporate security even after DoH / DoT has been activated, and how to view the security state of your IT systems through easy-to-read reports.


Main topics of the webinar:

  • What does DoT and DoH mean?
  • Why do DoT and DoH cause security gaps?
  • What does "DNS-Privacy" mean?
  • What are the possible solutions?
  • How do companies keep an overview of their IT systems?