Exabeam introduces new SaaS offering

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Exabeam introduces new SaaS offerings

Fusion XDR & Fusion SIEM

Exabeam proposes two cloud security solution that will help you solve threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) without disrupting your organization’s existing IT Security stack


You need to augment your security stack?

Add XDR Fusion for Threat Detection and Response

Fusion XDR efficiently detects, investigates, and responds to threats missed by other tools, without disrupting your existing security stack.


You need to replace your SIEM with a global solution?

Move to a Modern SIEM

Shed the outdated and embrace the modern with Exabeam Fusion SIEM. Delivered from the cloud, Fusion SIEM provides lightning-fast storage and search, effective threat detection and response, and pre-packaged compliance reporting.



What is the difference with the previous Exabeam Offering?

  • The focus is on Cloud solutions. Infrastructures are moving to the cloud, and so does Exabeam SIEM!
  • New feature: the "alert triage" functionality improves the alert review process.
  • The licensing packaging change:
    • Instead of having the Exabeam Advanced Analytics with many options (Case Manager, Entity Analytics, etc.) It is now a single package called XDR fusion.
    • The product "Data Lake" is not anymore available in stand-alone but in a complete package (XDR Fusion + Data Lake) = Fusion SIEM.
    • The incident response module is still a separate add-on.